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Baby Products

When it comes to baby care and bringing up a healthy, happy baby, the requirements are pretty simple-just a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of love. While you supply the love, we can help with the products.

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What is better than sliced bread? Whether you want sandwichbread, cakes, croissants, lasagna… the list is endless! Simba bakery makes all these products for you.

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Gym and Sports

Workout in confidence by creating your own home gym so that you can be active when it suits you. Find exercise bikes, treadmills and even cross trainers to get your heart pumping and to build up a sweat

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Wide range of products that leave your skin smooth, comfortable and full of energy. The different products cater for all types of skin.

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Before you drop thousands of Francs on the wrong flat-panel HDTV, first take time to see the short comings. We at Simba Supermarket offer you just the best advice before you make any purchase.

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Sofa chairs and Beds at the best prices Massive range of beds and Sofa chair many available from stock; our range includes leather beds, wooden beds, metal beds, kids beds, bunk beds, day beds, adjustable beds or memory foam beds.

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Shopping for foodstuff is simplified for you so you can get frozen foods, dry foods, milk products, and all other cooking accompaniments easily.

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Kids Corner

You can get a decent school bag that looks good and is strong to carry the kids books and other items. You can also get to buy teddy bears, toy cars and other educational and entertainment items.

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Wines and Liquor

Do you know good Vodka? Whether it’s Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Ketel One or Chopin? Or are you a wine lover? At SImba we have a wide collection of imported brands so if you wish to get a whiskey or a rum check into any of our stores for a bottle.


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Home Care

The smallest areas in your house, such as your laundry room and closets, are often the most difficult to keep tidy. Everything that doesn’t have a home typically ends up in these places. We offer Products from Vim for keeping tidy order.

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Purchase one or two good pots here at Simba Supermarket and you will have all the flexibility you need to cook any meal and may actually help to improve your cooking as well.

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